Chandigarh Photos
                                            City beautiful under the lens!!!

Sukhna Lake Chandigarh

Sukhna Lake : A beautiful lake surrounded by mountains on one side. The moment we enter here, a fleet of colourful boats is seen as if ducks are grown up enough to give the visitors cool water ride!! An exciting view and memorable visit for the crowd.

  • The open hand emblem at Sukhna lake. It reads "Chandigarh, The City of Peace. Let's strive for - Community Harmony, Cultural Diversity, Rejection of Violence, Resolution of Conflict, Reconsiliation of Differences, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION".

  • Bull riding at Sukhna Lake - There are various fun games for kids and also for young. You will get a chance to ride this bull and to control it.

Photographs by: Balpreet Singh